Benefits of translating your Christmas content

Traducción de textos navideños

With Christmas just around the corner, businesses are poised for one of their most successful campaigns of the year in terms of sales. Nothing should be left to chance. You’ll need a rock-solid sales campaign, a top-notch client offering, and your best and most efficient staff. But that’s not all. It’s also important to think about translating your Christmas content. Discover all the benefits. Scroll on to find out more.

Benefits of translating your Christmas content

If your festive campaign isn’t working out as well as you’d hoped, you’ll probably want to ask yourself what you could be doing differently. The success of a plan usually hinges on a strong marketing campaign that raises your profile across all types of media. But maybe you’ve missed one vital element. Are you reaching out to customers in just one language (i.e. yours)? If so, you’re missing out on a huge potential customer base all over the world.

So why should you bother translating your festive content? Because it will bring you a whole heap of benefits. Read on to find out what they are.

1. You project a strong corporate image

Businesses that are serious about projecting a strong corporate image make sure their information is available in multiple languages. Your customers will know they’re dealing with a first-rate company that reaches audiences all over the world – because you will be appreciated all over the world. That’s why it’s so important to work with professional translators. A bad translation – using an automatic translation tool for instance – will end up having the opposite effect.

2. You reach a wider audience

When you decide to have your festive content translated, it goes without saying that you reach a wider audience. If you have an online business and you produce your copy in different languages, you can easily sell your products and services anywhere in the world. Monolingual websites are more likely to put off people who don’t speak that language.

3. Your staff stays focused on what they do best

You may be lucky enough to have employees who speak another language. But if they’re busy translating content for your holiday marketing campaign, they’re neglecting other tasks at one of the busiest times of the year. Plus, if translation isn’t in their job description, your employees might not be too happy about taking on this additional responsibility. And that’s never good for company morale.

4. You advertise across all media

Translators can produce high-quality translations of all media content. Ideally, you should use their services for brochures, postcards, social media posts, sales catalogues, business information packs and anything else you think you need. A good campaign advertises across all media.

5. You improve your SEO ranking

If you want your business to get noticed on the Net, especially with the holiday season fast approaching, you need to boost your website’s SEO. One way to do this is with multilingual content. And as we all know, more visibility means more sales. Never underestimate the power of good SEO to help you position yourself in the complex world of the Internet.

6. It’s cost-effective

Maybe you’re already wondering whether it makes financial sense to hire a translator for your Winter campaign. The simple answer is: YES! When the Christmas campaign generates higher sales, you’ll see that the investment in translation was well worth it. What’s more, translation companies can offer affordable solutions to suit every budget.

7. A deadline’s a deadline

Professional translation agencies know all about the importance of timely delivery. So to avoid unnecessary delays in the launch of your festive campaign, and to make sure you have enough time for any last-minute tweaks, reach out to a professional translation agency. Your campaign will be sure to run like clockwork. You can even launch at the start of November.

8. It’s the gift that keeps on giving

A good translation goes a long way. From one year to the next, the translator might only need to make a few minor tweaks to your core content. And hey presto! You get a brand-new ad for a rock-bottom price.

9. Your employees will love you

Although it’s not totally obvious at first, translating your Christmas content can make a good impression on your employees as well as your potential customers. Your staff will view your company as innovative and growth-orientated, which makes them think of job security and opportunities for development. And don’t forget: happy workers are good for business!

If you want this year’s festive campaign to be filled with success, translating your Christmas content is the way to go. And we at Traducendo are just the people to help you with that.

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