Financial support for inclusive, humanitarian and environmental projects

proyectos inclusivos, humanitarios y medioambientales

Private companies should not exist solely to provide goods and services. They should also contribute to improving the social and environmental conditions they operate in. They need to make up for the human and natural resources used in the running of their business.

That’s why for many years our translation company has been financially supporting projects that make a difference, promoting social inclusion, offsetting greenhouse gas emissions, and building cooperation and trust. Because we believe in the importance of contributing to the development of society. Society gives us so much. It’s only right that we give something back.

Our commitment

There are many ways to help make the world a better place, and Traducendo has chosen to support a broad range of charitable initiatives, while always being open to new proposals to expand our social responsibility.


Humanitarian action

Every year we at Traducendo Limited support the training programmes of AMKA Onlus and other organisations in developing countries.

We firmly believe that education is the most effective tool for a better future. Our commitment takes the form of financial support to provide training and educational activities to adults (primarily in sustainable agriculture techniques and the provision of farming tools and implements) and children.

School support programmes are delivered to children from disadvantaged communities in the parts of the world where our partners operate (Democratic Republic of Congo and Guatemala).

And that’s not all. Every year our translation agency supports vaccination campaigns in these regions, contributing to the reduction of infant mortality as well as to the sustainability of the local health and social infrastructure.

Amka Onlus

Sport and inclusive action

Sport is a powerful tool when it comes to social inclusion and equality. To inspire young people to be part of something big, our specialist translation agency is proud to support Malta’s promising young handball players by sponsoring the Phoenix Handball Club U-17 women’s team.

Handball is still a male-dominated sport, but thanks to projects like Phoenix, female participation is increasing, and every victory today contributes to a more equal world tomorrow.

Sport is a fundamental element of social inclusion because it creates a sense of belonging, fosters solidarity and collaboration, and boosts children’s confidence in their own abilities.


This year we’re especially proud and delighted to put our support behind another worthy cause. We’ve chosen to sponsor the sports and educational project run by Espaço Jovem and FC Atlético de Pedra Rolada, on the outskirts of Mindelo in Cape Verde.


Together with this football association, our specialist sports translation company is helping to fight school failure and school drop-out rates, with activities that help young people develop healthy habits and support the training of young football players.

Environmental action

All economic activity produces carbon emissions, and we at Traducendo are no exception. That’s why every year we work together with our environmental partners Fare Verde Campobasso and Treedom to offset our emissions through reforestation campaigns in a number of countries across Europe and around the world.

Since 2020 we’ve helped plant the first urban fruit orchard in Molise, a region in southern Italy. This orchard, created in collaboration with the local municipality, involved the active participation of schools alongside organisations for the integration of migrants. The project has been successful in reducing social differences in an urban context and in generating a positive environmental impact for the city of Campobasso.

Pro bono translations

The work of the third sector and civil society organisations can be costly and challenging. That’s why Traducendo offers free translations in all languages for projects whose goals fit our vision of the future.

We get behind social impact projects that support the education or training of young people and adults. If your organisation needs to grow its international or multicultural reach, please get in touch with more information about your project. We’ll be happy to consider your proposal and assess the possibility of working with you free of charge.

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