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We live in a globalised world that transcends economic borders. Commercial barriers are not always acceptable. And many businesses eyeing international expansion are beginning to understand the need to team up with a translation agency. That’s because language barriers are a significant obstacle to entering new markets. For many companies looking to go international, language limitations can be a huge stumbling block.

One of the key considerations is sector-specific terminology. These terms need to be translated into the languages of the countries where an internationally aspiring business plans to operate. Specialised translations like these require the services of a specialist translation and interpreting company. Have you got everything in place to make your multilingual communication a success?

Reasons to reach out to a translation agency

In today’s increasingly globalised context, we outline some of the benefits of using specialist translation services:

Cost savings

You can call on a translation company as and when you need translation work done. This saves you the cost of hiring your own in-house translator. Better still, you benefit from competitive rates as a result of growing competition in the sector.


You’re guaranteed translations that are free of typos, inaccuracies and misinterpretations. You know – the types of errors you typically get with automatic translation (which we recommend steering well clear of!). The professionalism that comes with an expertly translated text adds clear value to your company.

International online presence

Professional translations boost your website’s visibility. Agencies can provide different language versions with all of the following:

  • International SEO. Positions the same web page in different countries and languages. Similar to traditional SEO.
  • Metadata. Extremely useful for searching and locating data.
  • Privacy policy.
  • Cookie policy.
  • Legal notice.
  • Terms of use in different languages.

You don’t lose online presence in the process. Quite the opposite in fact, since SEO is applied to each target language. This is all possible because translation agencies often collaborate with an extensive network of freelance translators located all over the world.

Accurate localisation

Specialist language services don’t just translate content. They also localise it. This process involves a cultural study in order to adapt translations to the context of a specific target country. So as well as reflecting sector-specific trends and characteristics, the work also incorporates local expressions commonly used in the countries and regions where the company plans to operate.

Fast and efficient workflow

Managing the translation of content into multiple languages with multiple translators is no easy task. But using a specialist agency to manage these translations takes the hassle out of the equation.

Meeting deadlines is rarely an issue. Translation companies use a team of translators to get a job done. And this speeds up delivery times. Agencies are better equipped to work with short turnaround times than individual freelance translators working alone.

We at Traducendo pride ourselves on quick delivery. Lots of translation companies (ours included) also offer an express service for clients in a hurry. Be sure to check if the agency you’re thinking of using provides an express service. You never know when you might need it! We all live in a fast-paced world. That’s why clients really appreciate express jobs when they’ve been translated by a professional agency.

Top-quality translations

Specialist language services guarantee rich language content with multilingual solutions adapted to each specific situation. This constitutes a fundamental advantage over the dubious output produced by machine translation.

There’s no comparison between the quality of a human translation agency and the substandard quality of automatic translation tools, many of which are free of charge. Not only is the output flawed with machine translation, but there’s also a limit to the number of words you can translate in one go. The end result can be messy and incoherent. Not a good look!

Preserving design and style

If you use your own translations or if you collaborate with a freelance translator, you may end up losing some of the original design and style elements of your website. Not so with specialist language services. Their experts make the necessary adjustments to preserve the look and feel of the page (changes to photos, videos, logos, adaptation of banner formats).

Quality assurance

Translation agencies have highly qualified proofreaders whose role is to proofread the work of the translator and ensure the quality of the translated text.

Proofreaders check spelling and semantics. They also let the translator know if there’s anything that doesn’t match the client’s brief. The translator then follows the proofreader’s instructions to make any necessary corrections to the translation.

Available all year round

24/7 online platforms allow you to submit orders at any time of the day or night (although they’ll generally be processed during business hours). Jobs are assigned to translators and then uploaded and delivered to the agency.

Different ways to pay

Most translation agencies offer a range of payment methods, for example by card or mobile payment apps. This is not always possible if you’re working with freelance translators, who tend to accept a more limited range of payment methods.

Professional agencies

So there you have it. These are the main benefits of collaborating with a professional translation company. You save money. And you get a level of professionalism that’s difficult for even the best freelance translator to match. If you’re thinking about translating some of your company’s material, consider teaming up with a specialist company that can offer you:

  • Translators with proven industry experience. At least 5 years’ demonstrable professional experience is required.
  • Up-to-date terminology databases and the consistent use of terms.
  • The latest industry software to deliver client projects.
  • Regular progress updates throughout the project and ongoing availability to respond to queries by phone, email and social media.

You get all of this with Traducendo. We’re a translation agency specialising in a range of sectors, especially the ones you can see here . Contact us for a no-obligation quote.


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