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Malta is a small Mediterranean island known for its beaches, warm climate, rich culture and fascinating history. It may be small, but Malta is a major hub for tourism and finance, with Maltese and English as its two official languages.

Translating content into Maltese can unlock new and exciting opportunities for businesses and organisations looking to extend their reach in this country and the wider region. In this post, we explore some of the advantages of translating your copy into Maltese.

Benefits of translating your content into Maltese

You reach new customers

Translating your content into Maltese allows you to reach a wider audience in Malta and other places where Maltese is spoken, such as Italy and Libya, but also in Australia and other diaspora communities. This is especially useful if you’re seeking to develop your business in Malta, as Maltese is the main language spoken there.

You communicate better

If you’re working in Malta or in a company that has business links there, you may need to communicate in Maltese. Translating your material into Maltese can help you communicate more effectively with colleagues and business partners, which builds closer relationships. In addition, you may need help with sworn and certified translations for submission to local authorities, which is necessary for international staffing.

Your content is more accessible

By translating your material into Maltese, you widen the accessibility of your content for speakers of the language. This is particularly important if you are publishing content in different language, because it’s a way to reach more people and raise the profile of your website, blog or online activity.

You promote cultural diversity

Maltese is a unique language, so translating your material into Maltese can help preserve and promote cultural diversity – and boost tourism in the region. Maltese translations can also be really useful if you work in the field of literature or art. Good to know!

You further education and research

If you work in the education or research sector, a reliable translation service into Maltese could come in particularly handy. That’s because translations of academic texts, articles and research papers make information more accessible to Maltese speakers, and this in turn contributes to the development of education and R&D in this dynamic region.

What’s in demand in Maltese?

There are various types of articles that are frequently requested in this fascinating language. They include:

  • News articles

News articles are highly sought after in Malta, as they allow readers to know what is happening in their own country and in the rest of the world. Local, national and international news is very popular, if you have a news blog or if you want to expand the number of your Maltese readers this could be a great idea!.

  • Opinion pieces

Opinion pieces are another popular type of content in Maltese. Readers on the island are very interested in the prevailing opinions on current topics, from politics and business to culture and entertainment.

  • Lifestyle articles

Lifestyle articles about fashion, beauty, travel and food are in high demand. The Maltese enjoy the good things in life, including fine food and drink and luxury shopping. Translating into Maltese could prove to be very useful for your online store or anyway to expand your Maltese client base.

  • Tourism articles

As Malta is a popular tourist destination, tourism articles in Maltese are a big hit. Readers love finding out about interesting places to visit, cultural events and tourist activities. Islands like Malta always attract a large number of tourists, and players in the sector are eager to learn about new strategies to develop island tourism.

  • Business articles

Articles on business and entrepreneurship appeal particularly to investors and company owners. Popular topics include business management, technology, marketing and finance, but also contracts, deeds and powers of attorney.

Malta boasts a strong business sector, especially when it comes to shipping, finance – blockchain in particular – and trade. And the Maltese population likes to splash out on big-ticket purchases. Yachting is one of the archipelago’s key attractions, and Malta’s ports compete with those in southern Italy and North Africa.

  • Entertainment articles

Entertainment articles about movies, music, television, video games and other forms of entertainment get a lot of hits. This is especially true for online gaming.

  • Education articles

Articles about education, especially those covering specialist areas, aim to improve readers’ knowledge and skills. Popular topics include history, education and language learning. Note that the University of Malta is one of the most renowned and respected universities in the southern Mediterranean.

So whether you’re targeting the domestic or international market, translations to and from Maltese can be a great way to expand your business in Malta and its neighbouring countries. If your goal is to do business in Malta, to communicate with Maltese companies, to promote cultural diversity or to improve education in the region, translating your material into Maltese can help make this happen.

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