Over 6900 languages, just one planet

We care about our world and have decided to take action; the planet is our social and environmental responsibility, and improving it is our vision for Traducendo Ltd.

Together with our environmental partners G10T, Fare Verde Campobasso and Treedom, every year we offset our emissions through reforestation campaigns in a number of countries in Europe and around the world.

G10T is a Maltese organisation with a simple goal, convince the citizens of the archipelago to Grow 10 Trees to contribute significantly to the ongoing reforestation efforts in the islands. Malta is a highly urbanised archipelago of three islands in the centre of the Mediterranean and climate change is impacting heavily on its fragile ecosystems. Our commitment is to the restoration of the natural environment in Malta and the offsetting of our carbon emissions.

Fare Verde is an Italian environmental association concerned mainly with urban greenery and educational projects for young people on nature and environmental sustainability.

Through Fare Verde Campobasso, we have helped to increase the urban tree species in the capital city of Molise (a region in central Italy), ensuring that the choice of species is the most suitable for the local context. For several years, we have also been supplying orchards to be planted in green spaces in schools, centres for the elderly and migrant care centres. The greenery has the added bonus of the goodness of freshly picked fruit.

Treedom is an Italian company that assists individuals and companies in implementing reforestation projects in the regions most affected by adverse environmental phenomena in Africa, Asia and South America. Thanks to their work, hundreds of hectares are reforested every year with native and fruit-bearing species. This brings benefits to families in need, the environment of the region and the planet. Our Treedom forest already has dozens of trees.

Of course, we also consider the environment in our everyday work life: we’ve completely digitised our documentation to reduce printing to a bare minimum, we’ve replaced all our electronic equipment with low-consumption devices and we carry out about half of all our online searches using the Ecosia search engine – which uses advertising revenues to plant trees in areas prone to desertification and extreme weather phenomena.

Would you like to participate but don’t know how? Let us help you!

Every time you assign us a translation, a part of your fee goes towards offsetting CO2. emissions. Each word you decide to have translated by our specialist translators is like a leaf on a tree. The longer the text to translate, the bigger the forest will grow!

If you would like to get more involved in our projects and team up for the environment, please contact us directly to discuss how together we can create positive change in the world.


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