The Joy of Giving Back

Over the years, we have supported numerous Italian and international organisations and projects in their efforts to help those most in need.

We don’t just contribute financially, by directly funding schooling initiatives in marginal communities in Africa and Central America, but we also offer free translations for projects whose goals fit with our vision for the future.

Schools are a key tool for breaking out of the spiral of poverty, violence and misery in which so many children are caught in rural areas of Central African and Central American countries. Ensuring that as many children as possible receive basic education and that educational services meet the needs of our youngest members of society is fundamental to our vision of social responsibility.

Yet it is not only children who need to go to school. Adult education also has the power to make a significant contribution to the development of less developed regions. By equipping adults with the knowledge necessary to deal with food crises, to practice more resilient and sustainable agriculture, to care for their local environment, and to stand up against environmental and social abuse, we help them to improve their own livelihoods and contribute to improving the environmental and social sustainability of entire regions. In so doing, we reduce the emigration of knowledge from local communities and improve the environmental prospects of our planet.

If your organisation has a project with a social impact aimed at supporting the education or training of young people and adults or an environmental initiative, contact our translation agency and tell us about your idea. We will consider all proposals received and will carefully and responsibly assess the possibility of offering free translations.

What’s the point of having if you can’t give?


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