For body and mind

Our specialist translation agency supports the budding talents of women’s handball players in our local district in Malta, funding the Under-17 team of the Phoenix Handball Club to encourage younger players to take part in a great sport.

Sport has a fundamental social value in the lives of children and young people, creating belonging, solidarity, collaboration and self-confidence.

Supporting a female youth team in a sport like handball, which is still dominated by men, also helps to break the mould that says there are different sports for men and women. Overcoming the gender distinction and pushing towards greater equality and social equity through sport is our small contribution to a more open and free society, because what we learn growing up is reflected throughout our adult lives.

We are so convinced of the role of sport in social inclusion that we decided to create a special fund dedicated to girls and boys who would like to play, but unfortunately lack the opportunity to do so. Through this initiative, Traducendo Ltd is committed to providing the necessary sports equipment to those who cannot afford it, because for us sport and fun should always be accessible to all children.

Do you want to help us contribute to a freer and fairer society through sport for all? You are already doing it by relying on us for your translations! But, if you’d like to get more involved, contact us to find out how we can join forces to ensure an inclusive and exciting future for girls and boys.


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