Types of legal translation and working with a specialist

traduccion juridica

Legal translation is a specialism that focuses on the translation of legal documents. These documents include things like contracts, wills, deeds, court rulings, patents, and government regulations.


Reasons to work with a professional legal translator


Legal translation ensures that legal documents are accurate and comply with the specific terminology of both languages.


An error in the translation of a legal document can have serious consequences. That’s why it’s vital to use the services of highly qualified legal translators with specific experience in these types of documents.


And let’s not forget that legal translation is hugely important for multinational companies, which have to comply with the legal regulations of different countries. For example, a company seeking to expand into a new market must ensure it complies with the legal regulations of the country, and this may require the translation of legal, business, foundation, and supporting documents.


Types of legal translation

Legal translation is a specialised field that encompasses several different types of legal documents and translations. Here are some of the most common types of legal translation:


Translation of contracts

An essential part of any business, contracts need to be 100% accurate in both languages. Legal translators should know the legal terminology inside out to ensure accuracy in the translation of these sensitive documents.


Translation of wills and deeds

Wills and deeds, such as powers of attorney, are legal documents that must comply with the specific legal terminology of both languages.


Translation of rulings

Rulings issued by courts or arbitrators require precise and rigorous drafting, which must conform to certain conditions in terms of verbal expression, form, consistency and coherence, legal reasoning, and style.


Translation of patents

As a core element of intellectual property, patents must be absolutely accurate in both languages.


Translation of government regulations

Government regulations are essential for legal compliance, so there’s no room for error in the translated version.


Translation of property documentation

Property documentation includes title deeds, notarial deeds, and other documents related to the ownership of real estate.


The complexity of this documentation varies by company, organisation or contract. That’s why we at Traducendo have developed the technical capabilities required to help companies launch into new markets.


In summary, legal translation is a specialised field that encompasses different types of legal documents and translations. If you need a legal translation, be sure to hire the services of professionally qualified and experienced legal translators, like our expert team at Traducendo. This will ensure accuracy in the translation of these highly specialised documents and will also guard against legal disputes as a result of mistranslations.

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