Translations from and into Maltese, an out-of-the-box approach to expansion

traduzioni maltese

Malta is a Mediterranean archipelago and one of the world’s smallest countries. Notwithstanding its limited size, it has a key role in the global financial and tourism framework.

Maltese, English and Italian play an important role in the country’s diverse linguistic and cultural lay out: 96% of the population speaks English, whereas 62% are fluent in Italian. Malta’s distinct multi-culture showcases the importance of having clear and efficient communication, especially in the main economic/goods sectors. Let’s look at the key sectors.  


Which key sectors in the Maltese economy require translation work?


The good weather, beaches and numerous cultural sites on the archipelago – 3 of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites – make Malta a popular tourist destination, especially for Europeans. However, the summer heat and the small size of the country push many people from Malta to want to travel.  Translating travel package brochures, descriptions and advertising materials helps Maltese tourists pick the right destination. Helping them feel at home away from home thanks to Maltese materials can lead to an increase in hotel and resort bookings and a better tourist return rate.


The financial sector is particularly flourishing in Malta, employing more than 10,000 people. The country has a strong presence moreover in the investment market, with over 500 investment funds domiciled in the country, and cryptocurrencies. Although English is the language used the most in the sector, translations into Maltese of prospectuses and documentation are a welcomed comfort for retail clients and can lead to increased sales and subscriptions.


Recent automotive sector data shows that there are 1500 vehicles in Malta for every 1000 drivers, confirming the progressive growth trend in the sector. It is estimated that Euro 1.74 billion in revenue will be generated by 2028, thus making Malta an extremely attractive market for vehicle accessories and car digital products markets. Maltese people love cars and this is the right time to help cars speak Maltese.

Household appliances

According to Malta Consumer Trends for 2024, the household and electrical appliances sector is a firm favourite for customers in terms of buying habits. New trends, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and increased sustainability, have shown consumers to be more mindful when making purchases. Translating user manuals into Maltese can help your brand or business render customers loyal and also achieve a stake in an increasingly competitive and quality-oriented market. 


Of all the numerous sports played in Malta, baseball, football and volleyball are the most popular. Football, the most popular sport in the world, is a favourite on the island. There are more than 50 professional football teams, with 14 being in the top league, the Premier League. The sports accessory market is rapidly growing for all sports and levels. Providing manuals, communications, mobile apps and advertising in Maltese could well be an important tool in attracting customers and raising awareness of brands on the island.


Why translating into Maltese is important

The island of Malta, thanks to its numerous business sectors and cultures, is bursting with opportunities where communication between different languages is of key importance. The country’s market is growing quickly and the number of consumers is rising rapidly, with an extremely varied demography. For that reason, to penetrate the Malta market, it can be extremely useful to translate product and brand communications into Maltese, relying on a professional team of experts such as Traducendo, who guarantee qualified experts with sector-specific know-how. To satisfy current market demand, we provide translations in the automotive, apparel, sport, business and home appliance sectors in all language pairs, including Maltese. 

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