Proofreading: a key step in quality translations

Revisione di traduzioni

Translating a document might seem fairly straightforward, without requiring much explanation, but in actual fact it is a multi-phase process.  Translation requests vary according to the circumstances (the language combination, the sector, the type of file and the timing), all of which need to be managed carefully by the translation agency. Once a translation is finished, the job is not complete yet. A key aspect of quality translations is proofreading. In this article, we have gone through the various stages of a project that Traducendo Ltd oversees to guarantee the highest quality translations.

What proofreading entails and why it is important




Proofreading essentially entails re-reading and correcting a translated document, taking into account all linguistic, cultural and terminology aspects. The purpose of proofreading is to ensure the quality of every translation and if necessary, to enhance the final version to guarantee that the content is as effective as possible. Relying on professional experts who have linguistic and sector know-how is fundamental not just to ensure a watertight reputation but also in order to have a trustworthy presence on new markets and when setting up and consolidating long-term collaborations.

Proofreading phases


In order to check that wording is clear, efficient and correct in its entirety, Traducendo has implemented a 5-phase process:

  1. Quality control (QA) of translations. Once a translation has been completed, the content is then subject to formal proofreading. The purpose of this phase, which is steered by the team as well as using the latest quality control technology, is to double-check the following:
  • No discrepancies between the original wording and the translation
  • Formatting
  • Omissions
  • Double spaces or missing text
  • Incorrect or missing numbering
  • Dates and times
  • Upper and lower case
  • Missing special characters
  • Units of measurement
  • Terminology mistakes
  • Character limitations


  1. Proofreading by a second translator. A linguistic proofreader, who is a professional with significant expertise in the relevant sector, proofreads the content in full, including checking translation errors, grammar, style, form, content, vocabulary, register, spelling, formatting, terminology and typing. All corrections are flagged using Track Changes on MS Word or using CAT software.




  1. Second proofreading by a translator. The translator receives a file containing the first proofreader’s comments and corrections. The purpose of this phase is for the translator to consult the first proofreader’s comments and make any necessary changes. Disagreements might arise between the translator and the proofreader so dialogue between the two is fundamental to achieve the best result and the highest quality translation.


  1. Third internal proofreading and delivery. Once the translator circulates the proofread file, the Traducendo team runs a final check on the document for the best results, taking into account a series of factors such as formatting, spelling, punctuation, editing standards agreed on with the client and the overall readability of the document, guaranteeing the consistent and adequate use of proper terminology.


  1. Delivery to client. The client receives the final version of the translation. Clients are free to personally check the translation. The objective of Traducendo Ltd is to guarantee the full satisfaction of all translation work. At this stage, a client may communicate if they would like to make any amendments to the content. The translator and the proofreader will then be asked to incorporate the amendments deemed necessary by the client.

Once the client’s feedback has been incorporated, the Traducendo project manager will update the linguistic records for the client so they may be used for future projects, to guarantee the quality control procedure for all future projects in line with client expectations. 


Rely on Traducendo to proofread your documents

Proofreading is an additional service on top of translations, which thanks to a team of professional experts, ensures the accurate and efficient translation into the target language. Traducendo relies on a network of linguistic experts in the translation and proofreading sector, who guarantee efficient and accurate translations. Contact us for a free estimate.

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