The importance of translating into Irish/Gaelic: how to boost sales in the Irish market

Traducir al irlandés/gaélico

As experts in translation, we believe that the key to successfully expanding your business is adapting to the local needs of your target markets.

One such emerging market with significant growth potential is the Irish market, where the Irish language – also known as Gaelic – is becoming increasingly important. In this post, we’ll explain why it’s so important to display your consumer goods in Irish and how this strategy can boost your sales in this market.

The importance of Gaelic in Ireland

The Irish language is an integral part of Irish culture and a symbol of national identity. Although English is the main language spoken in Ireland, Irish has official status as the national language and is taught in all schools. This ancient language is more than 2,000 years old.

In choosing to translate its product information into Irish, your company demonstrates its respect for Irish culture and heritage – and this can lead to stronger relationships with local consumers.

In addition, the Irish government has put in place policies to promote and preserve the Irish language, which has helped to ensure its survival and revitalisation.

Regulatory compliance

Irish legislation requires products and labels to be made available in Gaelic. For companies who wish to comply with these regulations, translation into Irish is, therefore, a legal requirement. Failure to comply with these requirements could lead to penalties and, more importantly, loss of credibility with local consumers.

Types of consumer goods

Translation into Irish may apply to a wide variety of consumer goods, including the following types of products:

  • Electronics

This includes everything from mobile phones and tablets to smart home devices. User manuals and labels for these products must be translated to ensure that they are understood fully and that the devices are used safely.

  • Household appliances

Operating manuals and labels for kitchen appliances, washing machines, dryers and other household devices often have to be translated into Irish in order to comply with regulations and ensure ease of use for consumers.

  • Beauty and personal care products

Items like cosmetics, skincare and haircare products and perfumes are often translated into Gaelic to reach a broader range of consumers in Ireland.

  • Entertainment products

Books, videogames, films and other entertainment media may be translated into Irish to reach audiences who value access to content in their native language.

  • Clothes and fashion

Clothing labels, washing instructions and fashion catalogues are translated into Irish in order to meet the needs of local shoppers and to comply with labelling regulations.

  • Office and stationery supplies

Office supplies, stationery and educational materials are also translated to meet the needs of companies and schools in Ireland.

The benefits of translating consumer goods into Irish

Translation into Gaelic has a number of important benefits for companies looking to enter the Irish market – and succeed in it. We’ve outlined just a few below:

Access to a broader audience

Translation into Irish opens up access to a broader market segment in Ireland. Although English is the most widely spoken language, a significant percentage of the Irish population speak or understand Gaelic. By offering products in both languages, companies can reach consumers who prefer Irish or speak it primarily, which, in turn, can increase sales and customer loyalty.

Respect for the national culture and identity

Gaelic is a fundamental part of the Irish national culture and identity. By translating your products into Irish, you’re showing genuine respect for the cultural heritage of Ireland. This consideration for the local culture can result in a stronger and more long-lasting relationship with Irish consumers. This, in turn, increases brand loyalty.

Market differentiation

In a competitive market like Ireland, translation into Irish can make your brand stand out from the competition. This differentiation isn’t just based on the quality of your products, but also on your commitment to the local market and culture.

Your dedication may be perceived by consumers as added value and, as a result, they may be more likely to choose your products over those of your competitors.

Brand internationalisation

Translation into Gaelic has benefits that go beyond the Irish market – it can also be a strategic step towards the internationalisation of your brand.

As your business grows and your presence expands into other markets, your experience in adapting to local languages and cultures becomes increasingly valuable and transferable, building trust with consumers in the region.

In short, translation into Gaelic is a key strategy if you want to break into the Irish market and succeed there. That’s why you should consider Irish translation as an important investment in your strategy for international expansion. Your success in the Emerald Isle is just a few translated words away!

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