LEAVING NOTHING TO CHANCE What is it that makes an analysis laboratory or a healthcare company rely on a particular translation agency? Cost cannot be the only consideration, nor can geographical proximity or personal knowledge. It’s simply that medical and scientific translation requires specific skills not everyone can offer. Traducendo Ltd has years of experience …

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AT THE SERVICE OF THE WINE WORLD Thanks to our translators who are specialised in oenology, viticulture, biology, law and statistics, we provide professional services to the largest organisations in the wine industry. We guarantee the highest quality in the translation of scientific and technical documents, as well as communications and promotional materials for large …

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WHEN DETAILS COUNT Translations of complex contracts and linguistic advice in international legal cases What is required for the translation of contracts? When selecting our translators for the legal sector, we cannot disregard either their academic background or their practical experience, which is preferably in a law firm. Clearly, however, not everyone can be a …

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READY FOR ANY CHALLENGE Sport has the power to transcend all frontiers. We are all about breaking down language barriers, assisting amateur and professional sports organisations throughout Europe, and working with major national and international federations. We translate a passion for football. We translate 22 players chasing a ball. We translate a sport for gentlemen …

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FOR MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES Art and tourism – a combination that has endured for centuries. From the first guides leading the Grand Tours of Northern European art to online tourism platforms, the relationship between travel and art may have changed its mode of expression, but it has always been a joint enterprise. Working with tour operators, …

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MEETING EVERYONE’S NEEDS We are committed to pursuing a strong ethic in both our work and personal lives, which has led us to specialise in areas that reflect our vision and mindset. Working in the context of international cooperation and third sector organisations for human rights and sustainable development has been a natural and spontaneous …

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For body and mind Our specialist translation agency supports the budding talents of women’s handball players in our local district in Malta, funding the Under-17 team of the Phoenix Handball Club to encourage younger players to take part in a great sport. Sport has a fundamental social value in the lives of children and young …

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The Joy of Giving Back Over the years, we have supported numerous Italian and international organisations and projects in their efforts to help those most in need. We don’t just contribute financially, by directly funding schooling initiatives in marginal communities in Africa and Central America, but we also offer free translations for projects whose goals …

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No one gets left behind At Traducendo we are convinced that everyone has the right to live a better and healthier life, and even a translation agency like ours has a responsibility to contribute. That is why we have established relationships with various NGOs active in the defence of human rights to help people in …

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Over 6900 languages, just one planet We care about our world and have decided to take action; the planet is our social and environmental responsibility, and improving it is our vision for Traducendo Ltd. Together with our environmental partners Fare Verde Campobasso and Treedom, every year we offset our emissions through reforestation campaigns in a …

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